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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
    Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”    

    - Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philospher


ChasinTailTV & Lunkerville Team Up Again..

Checkout Capt. Joey as he teames up again with Mike D. of Lunkerville. The show will air early 2017. Keep an eye out... NBC Sports, WFN, Comcast & PBS

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Largest Fluke ever caught on film

15.30 # Fluke caught by Austin D. on the Hampton Lady out of Hampton Bays, NY

Bottom fishing is as good as it gets

The bottom fishing scene has been on fire with great catches of Fluke, Seabass, Porgies and Blackfish (released). Clams and Gulp have been the hot tickets.

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New Seabass Regs

DEC Announces June Opening of 2016 Recreational Black Sea Bass Season

New York is One of Several States Forced to Enact Tighter Limits on a Popular Fishery in Order to Comply with Federal Harvest Limits

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is opening the recreational black sea bass fishing season on June 27 and reducing daily limits from eight fish to three during the summer to meet the 23-percent harvest reduction required by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), DEC Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos announced today.

The proposed changes will ensure New York's fishery is consistent with federal coast-wide fisheries management plans for black sea bass.

"The federal government must fundamentally change its management of the popular and economically important black sea bass fishery," said DEC Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos. "In spite of abundant populations, DEC is being forced to alter the commercial and recreational fishing seasons in order to meet federal quotas. By allowing for an earlier June opening, we're trying to strike the best possible arrangement for the recreational fishing community."

The proposed rule will include a number of changes from 2015:

  • Increases the minimum size by 1 inch from 14 to 15 inches for the entire season;
  • Reduces the daily possession limit from eight fish to three fish;
  • Opens the season 19 days earlier on June 27 with the three fish possession limit through August 31; and
  • The eight fish possession limit from September-October and the 10 fish possession limit from November-December will not change.

These changes are being implemented at the urging of the recreational fishing industry to accommodate the earlier opening of the season. DEC also considered a July 8th opening with a five fish limit, but recreational anglers opted for the June 27th opening and three fish limit to provide for a longer season.

Strong, anecdotal evidence suggests the black sea bass population is abundant. However, weaknesses in the federal government's current population assessment caused federal scientists to exercise extreme caution when determining annual harvest limits for black sea bass. As a result, for the fourth year in a row, New York, along with other states in ASMFC's northern region (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey), must take steps to reduce the black sea bass harvest despite an apparent abundance of fish. A new federal stock assessment is scheduled to be completed in late 2016 and should provide important data to expand harvest opportunities in 2017.

Information on the most up-to-date marine recreational fishing regulations for all species can be found on DEC's website.

Marine recreational anglers 16 years or older are reminded that they must register each year in New York's free Recreational Marine Fishing Registry on DEC's website.

Memorial Day Bass Shootout... Saturday May 28th

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New Bluefin Tuna Regulations

For private vessels the limit on bluefin has been raised to two school bluefin per vessel in the 27- to less than 47-inch range, and one large school/small medium bluefin from 47 to 73 inches; for charter/headboat vessel the limit has been raised to three school bluefin in the 27- to less than 47-inch range, and one large school/ small medium bluefin from 47 to 73 inches.

Tom Schlichter & Capt. Joey sit down and talk Bunkerspoon Trolling

Capt. Joey Leggio sat down with Tom Schlichter and went over some do's and don't's when it comes to Bunkerspoon Trolling. Article curtesy of Coastal Angler Magazine Long Island Edition.

Save The Date.. Are You Man Enough??

shark tourney 2016

April 15th was the opening day of the 2016 Bass Season

Striped Bass opened on April 15th and there has been a great Bass bite to the west of us in Raritan Bay. Although the past few days have slowed down, I am still getting some reports of fish being caught both day and night. 


April 6th marks the 4th anniversary of the death of Jose

Today, April 6, 2016 marks the 4th anniversary of the death of a fishing legend and my favorite fishing TV personality Jose Wejebe. I grew up watching Jose from the days of ESPN. I remember exactly where I was when my wife told me the sad news. Bro, you were my inspiration to do what I do today. Even though we never met in person and just spoke through Facebook I could tell just how great of a person you were.


April 1st is Flounder Season in NY

April 1st is the start of Winter Flounder. There is a 12" minimum size and you can harvest 2 Flounders. Check out our article on Flounder fishing. This article will help you put more of these tasty little flatties in your cooler.

Spring Flatties: When the going gets tough

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New videos being posted for the 2016 season

We are working on some new videos for the 2016 season. We filmed some very informative videos on electronics, sunglasses, daytime Sword Fishing and Getting started at Shark Fishing. We posted a few already so take a look and enjoy. 

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Congratulations Avi on your NEW Marinade Express

Another Happy Member of ChasinTailTV

Capt Joey, Your post for local knowledge has gotten me hooked on the show. Not sure if saw last episode but those big grouper in the

Baja look like so much fun. Blackfish on steroids! Anyway I'm a local fisherman out of jones and I just wanted to say I've learned a lot

from your video on clam chumming for bass and respect your work. -Anthony NY


Seminar at Bass Pro Shops Bridgeport, CT hosted by Capt Joey Leggio.

Bass-Pro-Shops-Bridgeport-CTCapt. Joey Leggio will be giving a seminar at the Bass Pro Shops in Bridgeport, CT on Sunday February 21 at 11:AM. Capt. Joey will discuss basic equipment for saltwater fishing.

There will also be a second seminar at 2pm where Capt. Joey will talk about the basics for planning an offshore trip & gear selection. The Bridgeport Bass Pro Shops is located at:

Bass Pro Shops
1 Bass Pro Drive
Bridgeport, CT 06608
(203) 362-4200

Take a Kid Fishing

Every year we do a trip where we take kids fishing. It is great to see our future Dr's, Lawyers, Firemen and Police Officers away from the video game console and on the water laughing with buddies. Click on the read more and enjoy the video.

ChasinTailTV.com Welcomes Salt Life Sport Optics

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The Winner of the $300.00 Marinade Express is????

Watch the video to see who won the $300.00 Marinade Express..

Blackfish Giveaway 2015!

Just in time for Blackfish season! Post a Blackfish fishing tip, rig or recipe in our special "Blackfish Giveaway" section of our forum and be automatically entered in our raffle!

The Grand prize is a brand new "Marinade Express" table top home marinade appliance, worth $300!. This table top home marinade appliance allows you vacuum marinate your food for “Faster Flavor and Better Taste”.  Works great on fish, meats, and poultry. I was a little skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised on how well it worked on venison and chicken that I tried it with. From what I hear, restaurants have used this technology for years, now it's available for your home. This technology has also been proven to remove a significant amount of bacteria and toxins.

Entering the the contest is easy, just post your favorite Blackfishing tip, rig or recipe in the "Blackfish Giveaway 2015" section of our forum. Then on November 30th, all those members who posted will be entered into a drawing for the prize. Will we tape the drawing as it happens and we will post the video announcing the winner on December 12 on the website.

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Memorial Day Bass Shootout Results

Congratulations to Surfer Joe and Crew of Scott & Jay and winning the 6th annual Memorial Day Bass Shootout. Capt. Joey Leggio gave Surfer Joe a Tony Maja #4 Multi Color spoon to try out for the tourney and with in 15 minutes of him calling him in on the bite, Surfer hooked up with the first place fish. I think it is safe to say that Surfer Joe just found his new favorite spoon to use....Scott did an amazing job on the rod as this fish was hooked in the membrane of his eye. At the scales this fish weighed in at 43.50 pounds. Jack and crew took second with a 34 pound Striped Bass..




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