Make Your Own Bunker Spoon Trailer Hook

Bunker spoons should NEVER be ran without a trailer hook. Here is a cheap way to make your own!

Trailer hooks make sure you catch short strikeing fish. Most of the Bunker Spoon manufactures sell their own, or for a few dollars you can make a bunch for you and your fishing buddies.

These are quick to put on and take off, making your spoons easy to store without them.

  • Treble Hook
  • Ball Chain Swivel; 1-7/8" 175lb
  • Split rings
  • Coastlock Snap

I buy the items from Terminal Tackle Supply. They have some very strong Ball Chain Swivels. 

D50 8636 web

 D50 8649 web

D50 8656 web

D50 8692 web

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