Securing a Dart to your Harpoon for quick release.

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Here is a little trick I use to keep a harpoon dart in place when you are getting ready to dart a Tuna, a Swordfish or a big shark. 

Most people will use black tape to hold the rope on the shaft and keep the dart in place. Yet this works it also can work against you. Recently I used my buddies harpoon to dart a big Thresher Shark. He had his dart line taped to his harpoon and to the shaft. I had a perfect shot on the shark and sunk it deep. When I went to pull the harpoon out, the tape did not break and the Thresher went ballistic and in return I bent the shaft of the harpoon pretty bad. No problem because you can easily bend it back with a little muscle but it is never the same.... 

  1. What you will need is a paint stir stick and some black tape.
  2. Place the paint stick on your harpoon just above the dart shaft.
  3. Tape both ends of the paint stick with electriclal tape to the harpoon.
  4. Now all you do it place your dart on the shaft and then take the rope from the dart and put it under the paint stick. Do not leave slack line.


The paint stir stick will give just enough pressure to hold the dart in place on the shaft. Once you dart a fish and pull the harpoon back, the rope will slip out from under the paint stick. The fish will swim with the dart in him. You can put the harpoon safely back in the boat un-bent. This also works great for throwing the harpoon but just make sure you have the harpoon tied off. It would be bad if it was not secured and the harpoon went sinking to the bottom.


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