Anchor Man Wreck Anchors

By Capt. Joey Leggio

Tired of losing anchors? Try a wreck anchor by Chuck the Anchorman.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck, who is better known as "Chuck, The Anchorman". He was telling me about the wreck anchors he makes, and asked if I would like to try one out. I said sure, I would love too, and a few days later I had a brand new Wreck Anchor waiting on my front step. I called Chuck and he explained how to set his system up. I was not sure if I should use chain or no chain. Chuck sugested NO chain would be better. So I grabbed 200' of anchor line, a shackle and some wire ties and got to work. On the anchor there is a bottom eye which I attached the shackle and rope to. I then ran the rope up the anchor to the top eye and used three wire ties - I used one to keep the rope tight to the anchor, and I used the other two on the top eye to keep the anchor in-line and ready to grab some rocks.

So now my anchor was set up and I was ready to try it out. I hit the Atlantic Beach Reef in search of Porgies and Sea Bass with my buddy Kenji of Kenji Sushi. We hit a rock pile and I set out my anchor about 250' in front of the structure I wanted to fish on. I drifted back, and then once I was over the structure I motored to the South a little, I dropped my wreck anchor, let it hit the bottom and gave it some slack. The wind was coming from the south, so it pushed me North and right over the rocks. My wreck anchor got snagged on a solid piece of bottom with ease. I was now all set and ready to fish. My fish finder showed I was sitting on some prime rocks and there were plenty of fish swimming around them. Using two anchors kept my boat still and I was not sliding side to side. If I let out a little line on the wreck anchor I was able to fish the other side (North) of this rock pile and if I pulled some line in, I hit the other side (South). We crushed the Porgies and Sea Bass and when it was time to go, all I did was head my boat to my wreck anchor line until the line was tight. I gave the motor a little fuel and the wire ties snapped and my wreck anchor came out of the rocks with ease. Once the wire ties snap, the wreck anchor pulles out backwards and un-snags. Now all I needed to do was put on some more wire ties and I was ready to make my second drop.

So who is "Chuck, The Anchorman", and what are Anchorman Wreck Anchors?

Anchorman Wreck Anchors, LLC is a family owned and operated company located in central New Jersey. In the heart of the Atlantic coastline, owner Chuck Proto has grown a passion for fishing and an art for producing well-made products. As the developer and manufacturer of the product, Chuck's unique bottom ring design helps eliminate anchor loss. Friends and fellow fishermen simply know him now as "Chuck, The Anchorman." With nearly 25 years of experience in the welding business and building anchors, Chuck says, "Over the years, I saw recycled material, (like rebar) change and become weaker; it wasn't as strong and as durable as new hot rolled steel." By using steel, this eliminates altered properties in the material for a stronger and more durable anchor. Now with over 1,000 anchors sold along the Atlantic coastline from Cape May, NJ to Nantucket, Mass and from the Delaware River to the Delaware Bay area, we are looking to expand our business. Our handcrafted anchors are made by me, "Chuck, The Anchorman" - for a fishermen, by a fisherman.

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Kenji Fishresize

Kenji with his LIMIT of Seabass and Porgies


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