Striped Bass Regs for 2015

NY New Striped Bass Limits

Effective March 17, 2015

New York State is committed to maintaining a healthy stock of striped bass for both recreational and commercial fishing.  To comply with the Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission’s (ASMFC) mandated 25-percent harvest reduction, effective March 17, 2015, the New York State  Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has established  limits that will allow the striped bass stock to recover more quickly. These limits are:


  • Marine and Coastal district (south of the George Washington Bridge): 1 fish,  28 inches or larger, during the Apr. 15 – Dec. 15 season
  • Hudson River (all tributaries north of George Washington Bridge and all inland waters): 1 fish, 18-28 inches OR 1 fish larger than 40 inches during the Apr. 1 – Nov. 30 season
  • Delaware River: 1 fish, 28 inches or larger (no closed season) 

Commercial: The commercial quota was reduced by 25%.  A slot limit of 28-38 inches during the Jun. 1 – Dec. 15 season are the new limits.

New York also recommends the use of “circle-hooks” while fishing for stripers since this reduces the mortality of released fish.


NOTE: Anadromous river herring regulations remain the same for the Hudson River. The possession ban remains only for the Marine and Coastal District and all other waters in New York State.


Please visit the NYS DEC website for details on the new limits and regulations .

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